A portrait of the contemporary artist Gjertrud Hals (born 1948), renowned for her renewal of paper and textile art techniques. Hals has participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe, the United States and Japan, and is represented in various well-known museums and private collections. The film offers a rare insight into how the artist treats her material and utilises various techniques to form paper into art.

About Gjertrud Hals:
I was born and raised on a small island on the north- western coast of
Norway and this has to a large extent influenced my artwork. As a seasoned
traveller I have observed many different cultures. Much of my artistic work
is an attempt at expressing the connection between the islands micro-history
and the worlds macro-history.
I was educated as a tapestry weaver. However,I soon started experimenting
with other techniques. My breakthrough came in the late 1980s with Lava, a
series of one-metre-high urns made of cotton and flax pulp. These vessels
mark my transition from textile to fibre art.
I make objects that vary in nature and in the techniques applied: casting,
spraying,cutting, knitting and weaving. I do enjoy the fact that I can
creatively act as I please, use whatever material I wish, be severe and
meditative one day and playful the next.

The film was made during 1991-97.
52 min Documentary with elements of fiction and archive film

New work by Gjertrud Hals:

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