The 3 essential goals of exercise in Tennis Elbow rehabilitation:

This podcast video looks how exercise is supposed to help achieve these goals – and where it sometimes comes up short!

There seems to be a quest to discover the “perfect” exercise formula for Tennis Elbow rehab: What kind? (Concentric? Eccentric?) How intensely? How many repetitions and sets? And how often?

Curiously, some medical researchers state that it’s hard to know what the right combination of exercise factors should be when it comes to stimulating healing without causing more damage to the injured tendon:

Exercise is undeniably an important part of the rehab process, yet perhaps we should ask:

“Is exercise the most efficient way to heal the tendon in the first place?”

Should exercise be the most important part of your Tennis Elbow treatment program - or is there a higher priority in the early stages of healing?

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By Allen Willette -

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