Filmed by Maria Wasko
flowertearS part of This Earth is a Flower

Land art
Construction in process, Poland, 2000.

150 artists were initiated by the International Artists Museum to create works on the theme ‘This Earth is a Flower’.

Following the submission of Dodi’s concept he was allocated a prime site in the exhibition area, a 1 km square field of rough and rugged land. The first step was to clear the land of debris and prepare the area for the installation. Then, 800 rusty metal spears were struck into the ground at different heights from ground level to 2 meters high to form the composition. To each of the spears Dodi attached 3 plastic bags – always using one Blue bag for the Jewish star, one Pink bag for the gay triangle – the third bag was always a different colour creating variety within the piece.

This large land work represents a number of metaphors; Flowers - which when the sun shines are transparent and bright, blowing in the wind. When it rains the bags turn to tears on the landscape. The synthetic substance becomes harmoniously organic.
Both the past, and the future come together in this piece, remembering the fate of the Jewish people and others in Poland in the past, now the land can be used for new growth.

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