It is a 1min looping animation based on my drawings for the Seven with another 6th edition.

Inspired by the histrionic art and exaggerated richness of the operatic stage, animator Sem Han collaborated with opera singer Dania Cornelius to create an extraordinary animation. The fixed set is populated by characters straight from an Asian cartoon. Adorable and energetic, they appear the antithesis of Dania Cornelius’s haunting music. However, Sem Han’s characters appealing exterior belies their somewhat sinister actions — they are like the night monsters of children’s dreams. Trapped within the script, Sem Han’s characters helplessly loop through their movements, again and again. Constantly striving and yet achieving nothing. Inspired by Sem Han’s six characters, Dania Cornelius’s sound track, masterfully engineered by Guy Webster, was composed by layering six voices to create an eerie and affecting soundscape. She has given each voice a word, onomatopoeic in nature, from which the sound grows or is inspired. There is no beginning and no end so the viewer becomes trapped in the fantastical set.

What Seven with Another is,
14 PEOPLE - 7 TEAMS - 1 IDEA: Create something different.
The creative process can be very insular. No matter whether you're a fine artist, a designer, a developer or a writer, coming up with - and executing - ideas can be a lonely process involving just you and your imagination.
We believe that great minds really do think alike... no matter how different they are. By inviting seven pairs of creatives from diverse fields to work together, we're challenging them to look past their vastly different creative processes and skill sets and concentrate instead on what they do best - being creative. The resulting collaborative artworks could be disasterous, or they could be truly mind-blowing, but what they definitely won't be is boring.

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