A man is going home by streetcar, looking forward to a calm evening. Two adolescents get on the tram and start harassing a young woman. The man knows that he should intervene ... but he hesitates.


hesitant man
Alexander Baab

boy 1
Patrick Mölleken

boy 2
Martin Nerling

Dana Kröhnert

courageous woman
Vera Göpfert

man with props
Kai Ehrlich

written, directed & produced by
Alexander Meier

cinematography by
Daniel Pfeiffer

original music by

sound by
Marius Pohl

makeup, props & catering by
Claudia Schley

Wolfgang Müller
(Mainzer Verkehrsgesellschaft)

set constructions by
Peter Meier

compositing, editing & sound mixing by
Alexander Meier

Prof. Egon Bunne

Ashley Bennett

Many thanks to

Reiner Unnerstall
Michael Meier
(Mainzer Verkehrsgesellschaft)

Oliver Becker
(Heiko Schulz Productions)

Cédric Jack J.
Frank-Michael Mölleken
Andreas Fitza
Hoehne-Video, Wiesbaden

Christian Meier
(act! - Demovideo-Produktion für Schauspieler)

A "time based media" master-studies production
of the university of applied sciences Mainz

© 2011 Alexander Meier

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