"You're taking your kids to Burning Man!?!" We heard it every time. And our answer was always the same, "Of course we are. We take our children everywhere." Burning Man is a yearly pilgrimage to the Black Rock Desert that's part party, part art exhibit, part utopian city. It's a 20 year old institution of getting your freak on. Really, it jellies and squirms and self-creates in so many different moments and varieties that it defies classification. The best all-encompassing definition we found came simply from the admonition in the Survival Guide, "You won't be the weirdest kid in the class anymore."

It's the ultimate expression of the kid in every adult. And for that very reason, seeing it through your kid's eyes makes total sense. Kids see the world much like this - limitless possibilities, never ending horizons - all the time. The whole purpose of Burning Man is to get back to this love affair with life.

That said, there's plenty of Adult endeavors that you won't be dragging your kids to, from fetish shows to all-night raves. But those go on in their own space and the place is really as big as a small city, so you don't need to go to those neighborhoods if you don't want to. And as long as you're not so prudish that the occasional naked person, possibly painted silver from head to toe, riding by on their bike doesn't offend you, you're in for a fantastic ride.

Preparation is key. Radical Self Reliance is one of the basic tenets of the Burning Man experience. All the info is at their website: burningman.com

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