Brooklyn Buzz presents an extended visual exploration of Brooklyn, New York and its inhabitants, viewed from a bus window.

The project was conceived as a symbolic photographic portrait of America and the contemporary metropolis in this specific time in history, a time of crisis, transition and, transformation, and a time deeply affected by the global economic upheaval and its subsequent consequences on society, politics, and culture.

Each photograph was taken from the window of a bus as it traversed the streets of Brooklyn; each image is caught in passing, a chance arrangement of figures that appears for a moment in front of the camera before the bus moves on. Brooklyn Buzz is an original and intimate portrait that aims to capture the soul and powerful energy of Brooklyn, globally considered one of the hot spot of our days, although it remains still largely unexplored and unknown beyond its borders.

The choice of abandoning overall control of the image, putting ourselves at the mercy of circumstances, was inspired by Robert Frank’ s Masterpiece The Americans (published in 1958) – widely considered a mirror reflecting 1950s America through European eyes – and by a personal desire to engage an emotionally challenging and visually striking exploration of the human and social landscape of Brooklyn, our adopted city since 2007.

The windows work as filters with the outside: sometimes like enlarging lenses, amplifying and revealing unpredictable details, capturing life as it is in that precise moment, in the streets, at the bus stop, through the windows of a local deli; at other times the panes of glass work more like protective barriers that allow the gaze of the viewer to deeply penetrate peoples’ lives (to accurately describe otherwise unknown, hidden, forbidden, or difficult-to-access places, faces, or circumstances), stealing emotions with the camera, capturing an expression on a face, a body on the move, or a simple gesture that photography can, in turn, render timeless and universal.

The photobook:

Brooklyn Buzz is a featured multimedia piece on DEVELOP Tube. DEVELOP Tube is an educational resource which features multimedia, interviews, lectures & films about photojournalism, documentary & fine art photography.

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