Erin Hill & Chris Orbach star in this scene from the film "Clear Blue Tuesday."

"Erin Hill, as a giddy, harp-playing Trekker, is a stand out... The best and funniest scene in the film is Ms. Hill's, a first date that looks promising until the conversation turns to the relative merits of "Star Trek Voyager." -- The New York Times (by Mike Hale), Sept. 3rd, 2010

"A memorable number is "Reckless," penned by Erin Hill and delivered by her character, Etta, a sci-fi soundtrack-session harpist and one of the film's solidly intriguing personalities." -- Variety (by John Anderson), August 22nd, 2010

scene written by Erin Hill & Chris Orbach
the song "Reckless" written by Erin Hill, performed by Erin Hill & her Psychedelic Harp
"Clear Blue Tuesday" directed by Elizabeth Lucas

Sci-Fi Music Videos by Erin Hill & her Psychedelic Harp:
"Giant Mushrooms" --
"Lookout, Science" --

Both "Giant Mushrooms" and "Lookout, Science" were part of the Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival 2012.

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