Come to tea inside the minds of experimental filmmakers Nishell Falcone and Sydney Del Monte, where just one kiss from a mysterious woman of your dreams, at the most perfect of parties in the most interesting of locales, will be your last.

Exclusive Score by Hellblinki

A LGBT Experimental Short Film by
Nishell Falcone
Sydney Del Monte

Melissa Sussman
Annick Sheedy McLellan
Elias Orelup

Cinematography by
Nishell Falcone

Edited by
Rina Svet

Produced by
Jonathan Jacob
Andrew Goldstein
Nishell Falcone
Dominic Falcone

Costumes and Hair by
Nishell Falcone

Corset by Obsidian Lace

Makeup by
Elizabeth Mechmann

Cake by Anna Artuso's Bakery

Shot at Woodlawn Cemetary in the Bronx, NY
© 2009 Nishell Falcone © 2012 Andrew Benjamin, Hellblinki

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