Training Day -
10 rounds for time;
10 TTB ( some 5)
10 Box Jumps @ 20''

Really cool session where 6 kickarse conditioned Mums TRAINED it.

A -Bomb - Box jumps are fast -hips not opening up at top of box. Small fix and she will dialed. May be better to stand on top of box and rebound from floor for now on each rep - to really feel extension. TTB - has just got back to back reps but I asked before she started to go close on some and just get in rhythm....Its coming along really well.
Jen- hands were sore from previous days and she shifted over to the arm cradle late here...moved well throughout.
Lori- has best TTB of group. Her hammy's are also really loose. Box Jumps are super solid. Just be cautious of not getting on top on a few reps where she pushes back far away from box.
Miranda- Has just got comfy with 20'' box and works super hard to get every rep. TTB - needs to utilize Upper body to swing (ala - kip) because her hammy's and hips are doing the job getting inverted and hitting bar each time.
Sophie - Creates her OWN rhythm on BJ which is key. Needs to utilize and engage upper body , otherwise will be swing like a dead fish.
Lizzie - Working super hard on TTB to 'get it' . Has upper - lower swing synergy going well and endurance piece will come. BJ look super solid.

Toes To Bar(TTB) are an art , a full body synergistic movement where flexibility(hammy/hips) and upper body (rhomboid, lat,scapula ) strength are vital for back to back reps.
How -
1. Work up to 5-10 strict deadhang chinups
2. Learn how to kip WELL
3. Learn how to KTE
4. Make sure hammy's shoulders,chest and back are mobile...

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