"Beautiful , poetic 3D imagery. It's a micro-history of a particular place and time in NY culture."

"Williamsburg as a theater of the streets, drunk with light, drunk with poetry, drunk with drunks."

"It is something between real and unreal...never seen before!... Amasing."

"You captured a period of time in Williamsburg, but I felt like it was also an ode to the diverse colors and rhythms of NYC in general. You played witness to both the ordinariness and extraordinariness of people's everyday lives, and documented those moments in time beautifully.

"I thought it was really magical and I was impressed by the pacing and editing choices, generating thematic bundles , etc. it was very effective, mesmerizing, and enchanting."

"It is a unique style of documentary, and the sound work was also excellent."

"I enjoyed your 3-D film very much. There are some really beautiful shots in there, & I loved the hyper ones from the Finger building roof and the slowed-down birds, hypnotic.

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