This was a pretty fun animation to make using primarily Adobe After Effects with a little bit of Photoshop.

Some of the techniques I used:

The pirate ship in the video is actually a Lego pirate ship that I shot a picture of. I used Photoshop to take the background out and separate the sails from the ship body, which allowed me to animate the sails rippling to the wind in After Effects.

The water was done using a displacement map with the fractal noise generation effect in After Effects as the height map. The cannon smoke shots are actually green screens that were edited, keyed, then tinted.

The first cannonball used the built-in particle effects in After Effects for the fire. The second cannonball used the CC Sphere effect to map the background image to a ball. I used multiple comps to have the binoculars slide into view just at the right time, and I used a green screened explosion for the second cannonball's fire.

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