Director: Swargaloka
DoP: Shadtoto Prasetio, Pramono Prakoso, Dimas Wisnuwardono
Sound Editing: Barlian Yoga
Producer: The Trees and the Wild
Editor / Colorist : Dimas Rizki

Dua Tiang Tujuh Layar is an audio-visual project in the form of short film - documentary, about the reality of lives of the Pinisi shipbuilders, that live in the villages of Tana Beru, Bulukumba, district of South Sulawesi. Having the same nuance and atmosphere, the song Malino - from their debut album Rasuk - was considered the most suitable song to soundtrack the project. Malino itself is adopted from the name of the mountains also in South Sulawesi. The structure of the song and song-writing defines and gives that "underline" statement about Dua Tiang Tujuh Layar. (Quoted from Teguh Wicaksono)

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