Recently honored with the Technical Achievement Award (Academy Certificate)

"To Richard Mall, for the design and development of the Matthews MAX Menace Arm.

Highly sophisticated and well-engineered, the MAX Menace Arm is a safe and adjustable device that allows rapid, precise positioning of lighting fixtures, cameras or accessories. On-set or on location, this compact and highly portable structure is often used where access is limited due to restrictions on attaching equipment to existing surfaces."

Product info:

MAX will support lighting fixtures up to 175 pounds (80Kg)

Max will allow you to place almost any light anywhere on the set - back lights, over set walls and in places where lifts are restricted such as roof tops, balconies, etc.

MAX will support a 75 pound (34Kg) light fixtures up to 17.5 feet (533cm) on the horizontal and over 20 feet (609cm) in elevation. At an extension of 8 feet (244cm) MAX has a capacity of 175 pounds (80Kg).

MAX's horizontal plane can be adjusted from 7-10 feet (213-305cm).

MAX can be counterbalanced with either shot or sandbags and also with standard weight plates. By using the weight plates MAX can be moved around easily on flat, level surfaces.

For more information:
Phone: (818) 843-6715

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