This postcard was filmed in Doomadgee by Jacinta, Alamanda, Tyrone, Jonathon and Wesley
Music by Stretch (Rob Addingtong) of Mount Isa.

Jacinta and Alamanda live in Doomadgee, a remote Indigenous community in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

They grew up there, they love it there.

Even when they travel, the girls miss this place. Alamanda used to dance with the Doomadgee Dancers and she has been all around Australia but she was always happy to return home to her country.

When I asked them what they like about it, these shy sisters looked into the distance.


Hanging out.


Most of the family does live in Doomadgee but there is one family member who is very far away, cousin Jessie.

Jessie became sick with something mysterious months ago. She has been in a Brisbane hospital, away from her Doomadgee home and all her family, for months.

The girls miss her a lot and have been praying for her to get better. They know that she must be missing Doomadgee too.

They filmed this video postcard for her.

Together we pieced together an edit that the girls narrated.

Both girls seem shy when you first meet them and narrating this video was a challenge that I lumped on them without much thinking time.

Jacinta is the older sister. She's the one who gives directions, who makes things happen and who takes the lead. You can hear her clear confident voice.

But I sat next to her as she watched the finished postcard back, and I realised how much she missed Jessie when I saw a few hot tears slip down her cheek.

Jessie will soon be receiving her video postcard in the mail, the old way.

I wonder if she will send one back?

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