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In essence every single person in the world is in the sales business. Selling themselves, selling their ideas, selling products or services, selling intangibles and tangibles, and the visible and the invisible. If knowing how to sell is vital to everyone's success then why are so many people so poor at it. In this world nothing happens until something is sold and nothing is sold until somebody moves.

Just like we are not taught how to bounce back from adversity in life, find our unique ability, articulate our value, or think and dream bigger, we are also not taught how to sell. This is a skill that we desperately need in our arsenal.

When you think about selling you need to be thinking about what you are offering. Is it "passion packaged," energy, a solution, an idea or information. Can you feel it and touch it or is it an outcome at some point in the future? Do you know what makes you different and better than others who are selling in the same space? What is your competitive advantage?



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