A trio of dancers encounters and enters a brook-scape. Traveling upstream they explore the unfamiliar surroundings with all of their senses. At the climax of their journey the trio is secretly seen by an observer from the woodland, who, unbeknownst to the trio, witnesses their ritual movement atop boulders in the cascade from which the source waters flow.
The observer, under cover, follows the trios’ return downstream enchanted by their movement and presence. Leaving unnoticed, the observer returns to her woodland home inspired and changed by all she has seen. As the trio returns to the point of the initial encounter with the brook-scape and depart, they too find their journey has been transformational.
An exploration of time and space, “FLOW” invites the audience to be transported by the movement , feel the sensual atmosphere of the brook and woodland, remember the soulful connection between humankind and the natural world and question the nature of being.
FLOW a dance on camera is a twenty five minute video.

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