video shot and edited by: George Forste

2013 idgf underground

band members:
Brendon Broome-Jaguar/Vocal/Keys
Shawn Kreger- Tama's
Vaughn Broome-Jaguar Bass/Backing Vox
Jacob Broome(hobo monkey)-Wilshire's/Keys

We are The Flesh Pets, We ride trains to indian reservations,breed rare forms of dingos,drink olive oil by the bottle and get onto the bus.

A bunch of guys from a crappy area, who play loud music and have big imaginations.
We are very dedicated and are always open for shows.
You can contact us @ or (937) 245 9547
Your in a house, the furniture and tapestry is red. Your tied to a chair and the room is webbed with neurons that when lit, look like the galaxy on a ceiling.
Cigarette burns begin to appear on your arms, chants erupt from the surrounding rooms and your head is wrapping around those words...

This is what its like to hear The Flesh Pets

Band Interests
The Flesh Pets fully support you embracing your own humanity and fighting those who feel they are above they're own.
We've spoke only to the nose and chin of those in power that decide our future and we are being poorly reperesented.
Politicians piss away our jobs and resources, Bad friends put you in a social heirarchy based on possesion, the Clear Channel media shoves harmless sheep music into your ears, and its time for something real.
this music is for you, there are no scenes attached to this music, there is no dress code, and the only rule is do and dress like you want and not in reguards to society or tommy hilfucker.

source: facebook

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