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"Object" is an interactive installation that generates an ever changing sound thanks to the dynamic relation established between its different parts (plate, contact microphone, transducer, camera, computer, environment, audience). The sound is generated by a feedback system that catch and output sound using the aluminum plate as medium. The characteristics of the system are modified by a kinect camera input and by the movement of the plate, that bends interacting with the audience.
"Object" is a sound object that act following concept of action at a distance. This term was used in early theories of gravity and electromagnetism and consists in the interaction that is able to directly relate two objects that are distant in a space. The main part of Object is an aluminum plate that act like having the same electric charge of the audience, more someone get near to it more the plate is pushed away by a force that makes it bend. This force affect the relation between the different parts of the object, which are plate, contact microphone, transducer, camera and computer. The communication created between these parts generates a sound that goes back to the audience changing continuously and unpredictably. This sound is the result of multiple interactions, but can be considered also as an object that connects again the elements that created it, an object that unify the interacting parts in one single system.
As Graham Harman argues: “we have a universe made up of objects wrapped in objects wrapped in objects wrapped in objects, as every object is both a substance and a complex of relations”. A connection between objects is an object itself, which creates bigger object together with the two objects that it connects. A connection is an object and a object is the consequence of a connection. Object is not an interactive installation composed of aluminum plate, contact microphone etc., but is the result of the interaction between the installation and a human body, two connected objects.

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