is a revolutionary new website that makes buying and selling more profitable than ever.  
What’s so revolutionary about it? In normal marketplaces, the more a buyer pays for a product, the more the seller makes. But in eGainers, the two aren’t connected at all. The value of your product depends solely on how many people are interested in it. And both the buyer and the seller come out ahead. Both profit, both are winners, both are eGainers.  

A simple way to buy and sell products and services where you earn more money and get free stuff.  
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Client: eGainers
Production Company: LooseKeys
Copywriter: Alice Oglethorpe
Creative Director: Brad Chmielewski
Illustration: Brad Chmielewski & Jake Williams
Animation: Brad Chmielewski & Jake Williams
Sound Design: Maeve Price
Voice Over: David Kaplan

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