Anglo-American (indie-folk-pop) duo Rue Royale are recording a new album.
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A short history:

We are an Anglo-American duo (Brookln & Ruth Dekker) who perform as Rue Royale, after three years of marriage we started making music together in 2006 in Chicago. We quickly recorded an EP and started playing shows that August. The bug was caught and after a year and a half of graft in the local Chicago scene - and selling most of our belongings - we found ourselves on an airplane armed with our instruments and a self-titled debut album in the suitcase. We were on our way to Europe to play our first out-of-town tour!

2009 saw more gigging and the Overhill and Christmas EPs and there were no signs of slowing in 2010, with lots of touring. We also released the Wapping Press Session EP and recorded Guide to an Escape, our second LP, at home between tours. In 2011, we independently issued Guide to an Escape, toured more and, last year, signed with Sinnbus (German indie label) who officially released the album. Oh yeah, and we played a ton of shows.

We’ve met many people who have supported us on our journey in various ways from hosting house concerts, to cooking meals, having us for sleepovers and even acting as tour-guides. A hearty thank you for making these years wonderful and thrilling for us!

A short here and now:

Rue Royale are now ready to record album #3. We’ve written a lot over the past year and it’s exciting! The new songs feel fresh and lively. We’ve been working much more intuitively and have a lot of confidence in this batch of tunes.

Our albums so far have been home-studio recordings which have been great fun. But we want to step up the quality and get into a better sounding studio, working with some folks who really know what they’re doing with all that gear! This will free us up to focus exclusively on crafting and performing our music while we’re in the studio.

That’s what this is all about. Just like we couldn’t have taken on the world - playing 613 concerts in 15 countries - without your support, we can’t make this record the way we really want to (and do the songs justice) without your help.

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