Ampasindava president:
John FABRICE was the first to speak, he thanked C3 for their support to his village and he thanked also the population for their presence at this signing ceremony. He said that the population of Ampasindava is ready to collaborate with the stakeholders and encouraged the population to give a hand together for achieving the project's objective to develop our village.
He said that the village is keen to work with C3 and the stakeholders to implement the objectives of this project.

Mayor of Mangaoka:
Firstly, NOURDINE declared the signing ceremony open.
Moreover, he thanked C3's Director for choosing Madagascar among the countries in the world and especially for choosing village of Ampasindava as the intervention zone for this project to protect the environment.
Lastly, he thanked C3 for their equipment donation to Ampasindava Primary school including the gutter, desks, table bench and cupboard.
NOURDINE, he said that he is happy and he thanked the C3 project. He opened the signing ceremony between the C3, Mangaoka commune and Madagascar National PArks.

Representative of MNP, South Sector Chief:
Rene Clovis MANANAVY south sector chief of MNP thanked C3 on behalf of the director of MNP, and he talked about all C3's activities and the donation for primary school. He was very happy. He said that MNP is always ready and happy about the establishment this environmental stewardship committee.
He reminded all present that C3 work with us and help our research, providing training in monitoring and assessment of marine environment. He thanked C3 for the continuation of their close collaboration.

Teacher of Ampasindava primary school:
Kiky RAZAFIMAHEFA , on behalf of the director of Ampasindava primary school thanked C3 for the donation of: 01 gutter, 01 desk, 03 table bench and 01 cupboard. He said that the teachers and parents will take responsibility to achieve the objectives set in teh environmental stewardship project, particularly for education and especially hygiene and sanitation around the school and in the classroom. They are happy and he wishes the continuation of the collaboration.

C3 Madagascar Programme Coordinator, Lalarisoa RAKOTOARIMINO:
Firstly, LR made the population to know what C3 Madagascar is, she talked about:
- The creation,
- Our missions,
- Our activities
- Our target
- C3 in the world.
And more, LR talked about the results of socio-economic survey, monitoring and assessment of marine ecosystem, for these reasons C3 establish this project at Ampasindava.
LR explained the content of this agreement:
• target of this agreement
• duration of this agreement
• Awaited results concerning social, economic and environment
• The indicators for monitoring the project evaluation.
Lastly, LR said that C3 is a NGO that supports the project, but it is the responsibility of the members of the management committee to decide the course of activities. She thanked the stakeholders especially the local community..

C3 Programme Officer Raymond RAHERINDRAY:
Firstly, RR introduced 15 members of the management committee :
RASPAUL village vice president Ampasindava,
FANZILLA health agent,
MBOTY Odette health agent,
SOAMADAMO women's association president,
VOLAZARA Clarisse woman association,
MANANAVY Rene Clovis south sector chief MNP,
NARIVONY Joel north sector chief MNP,
Modeste RIZIKY member of youth association,
RAZAFIMAHEFA Kiky teacher of primary school Ampasindava,
ZAKIA director of primary school Ampasindava,
TOLIZARA member of local committee of park ,
RAKOTONDRAZAKA Arsene member of local committee of park,
EMANOELINA Fara member of local committee of park
BEKALO Berivo member of farming association.
C3 staff member

Moreover, RR explained the criteria for selecting members of committee management namely
Representative of an association as agreed by their members
President of an association.
Village President and Vice president
Health agent
Sector chief MNP
C3 Staff

Lastly, RR described the members’ duties and structure:
- Decide the priority of projects
- Implement the activities concerning the project (action plan)
- Report the results
- Have monthly meeting.
- Follow –up indicators

Mangaoka mayor :

NOURDINE took the last speech and he thanked the C3 for their kind assistance and support, He progressed to the signature of committee with happiness.
After the mayor signed, all members of the committee followed suite. Then the Mayor of Mangaoka closed the ceremony and went to see the gutter installed at the primary school. A delicious lunch was enjoyed together with all members of committee and the population at Ampasindava.

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