16m, HD, 16:9, color/stereo, 2012

Woodland Atlas has been shot in Vallecamonica, in the surroundings of a small village in the Italian Alps, Braone.
The camera scans the landscape along the Palobbia torrent shooting, without distinction, natural elements and signs of human presence, people and activities related to that specific territory. The traces of these events seem contradictory: the lively water of the stream and the derivation-channels used by hydro power-plants, leaving little water in the path of the river. The trout fries seeding in order to restock the torrent after the end of the fishing season; the high quote poaching and the moving of sheep flock from high pastures. The hydroelectric power station in the village and the kids “stealing” water for their summer pool.
This constant ambivalence is furthermore underlined on the acoustic level that invades the framed reality with off-screen sounds. In some cases image and sound are in open contrast. A wide range of noises from motorbikes, trucks, industrial sites raises from the valley bottom towards meadows and woods apparently wild and remote.

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