i have a friend named bucky who had been telling me for a few months he had an idea he wanted to run by me. last week we finally got together over lunch and he told me about his grand plans.
the next morning i was in his boat before dawn filming this video.
it was one of the most beautiful days i've had in a long while, and i had a bunch of time in between filming to just sit and be, to think and be introspective, to take in the beauty around me.

i'm excited to share a touch of that beauty with you,
but more so excited to share with you this amazing story and even more amazing undertaking.

he decided long ago that fishing would be something that would stick in his life. or maybe it had chosen him.
either way, since he was a little kid fishing has always been a part of his life that has helped define him.

and now he's found a way to use this personal passion to impact the lives of those around him and change the lives of those in need around the world.

shot on a canon 60d
audio recorded on an iphone

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