Back Stretch For Back Pain Solution - Straight Leg Lifts

This is a great exercise for your lower back muscles. It will build your muscle strength and result in a back that is prepared to withstand natural shocks better.

-Lie down on your back, bend your right knee and keep your right foot flat on the ground. Your left leg should lie straight on the floor.
-Tense your stomach muscles and lift your left leg slowly about 5 inches above the floor.
-Hold the position for 5 seconds and slowly bring your leg back to the floor.
-You should feel your lower back, stomach and quad muscles working on this exercise.
-Repeat the exercise 5 times before switching legs and repeat again.

Sets: 1-3 times
Repetitions: 5 times
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Goal: To build lower back muscle strength and increase power. The result will be much more flexibility and ability to withstand pressure on the lower back area.

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