Album name: Accidentally Asked Questions Artist: Vito Arpino
Cat.: WK013
Release date: 25.10.2012
Mastering: Marco Baldassarre
Artworks: Eugenio Vendemiale
Video Credits
Directed by: Mario Bucci
Screenplay: Eugenio Vendemiale
Photography: Salvatore Magrone
Scenography: Marco De Michele
Co-­‐ordinator: Gennaro Tosto
Post Production: Alessandro Aresta
Cast: Donato Soldani Marco Surico Mariana Signorile Luca Pavone Francesco Grisafi Ignazio Monterisi Anna Mila Stella Saverio Triggiani Alessio Sportelli Cesare Mininni Filomena Delvecchio Daniela Fiore Vito Arpino
Location: Abatangelo Costruzioni s.r.l – Bari -­‐ Italy
Produced by: Wunderkammer Recordings 2012

Album Description
Accidentally Asked Questions' is the first solo/concept album of Vito Arpino. The questions which the title evokes, and the common thread of the music tracks, are related to troubles of modern life. In the current sweltering reality, economic distress and working problems limit the emotion field and cause depersonalization and a desire to isolate ourselves. Each track is a conflicting answer to these forced and hostile questions.
The compositions carry within the long and eclectic experience of the author: simple and well laid out melodies mingle with broken rhythms on 3/4 or more solid 4/4 beats. A.A.Q. is influenced by different styles, among them the '80 techno soul of Detroit and the italian melodic style referable to Morricone's music.
The album includes collaborations with Gaetano Partipilo (saxophonist/flutist), talented exponent of the Italina Jazz scene, and the young actress/songwriter Anna Mila Stella.Like every Wunderkammer's release, artwork and visual communication are designed and produced by Eugenio Vendemmiale.
This concept album is released by Wunderkammer Recordings, who've chosen to produce and promote artists from Puglia (Italy) alongside international artists, to give them the visibility and recognition they deserve.

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