PhilanthroCorp exists to help Christian ministries meet the needs of their donors in the areas of estate planning as well as issues relating to the sale of assets such as a family business, land, real estate, etc. In both areas, our desire is to be a blessing to the donors we serve by minimizing taxes, providing for families and retirement, and increasing charitable gifts.
For the Christian, estate planning may be the most important act of stewardship he or she will ever undertake. Sadly, the traditional planning approach has been to find ways to pay taxes at the time of death often making the IRS the largest, single beneficiary.
PhilanthroCorp makes our services available to donors without any cost or obligation on the part of the donor. We are an outsource solution for the client charity. We do not sell insurance; we will simply study the donor’s information and develop a plan that will maximize their goals for family and ministry while minimizing taxes.

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