“Dear Mr. Ken Loach”, starts the letter written to the British film director by a group of Italian dismissed workers in July 2012, when they knew that Loach was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Torino Film Festival 30th edition.
The workers denounced they had been exploited for over ten years by a subcontractor of the Turin National Film Museum , which also manages the same Festival that was about to award Loach “for the great ethical values of his films”.
In solidarity with the workers, Ken Loach decided not to accept the award and the 6th of December 2012 went to Turin in order to directly meet those who wrote to him.
This documentary tells that meeting, turned into an extraordinary circumstance of sharing and empowerment for many Italian workers, students, unemployed, immigrants, squatters, which all gathered around Loach’s consistent choice.

Lenght: 30’
Director: Rossella Lamina e Nicola Di Lecce
Cameramen: Michele Congi, Gustavo De Martino, Nicola Di Lecce
Editor: Nicola Di Lecce
Production: Mondi Visuali
Year: 2013

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