Here is a DVD quality, original & amazing quality of the first Barrier Kult video titled "HORDE" that was released on Halloween, 2004.

I got a copy of this a few years back from Deer Man and was stoked to see that it contained some of the original cut scenes in certain parts that was cut out on the re-issues and the hidden version in Heroin Skateboards "Magic Sticky Hand".

At 11:08 & 11:18 in Deer Mans part, the re-issue copy of HORDE shows a cut scene of Michael Myers from Halloween (1978). This copy shows a scene of two women cutting down a skeleton corpse from a tree.
I don't know why it was later removed, but it was...

I don't know the soundtrack, but I'm pretty sure some of the artists used are:
Berehit, Sodom, Sarcofago, Von & others.

All credit to The Barrier Kult.

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