Stereonesia is a concert project by the Indonesian Student Association (ISA) of the New South Wales branch. It is inspired by the success of ISA of NSW’s previous music event, Harmonika, in which talented Indonesian musicians were invited to entertain guests in a casual lounge environment. Given the enormous positive buzz generated by Harmonika, ISA of NSW now wishes to build upon this success with Stereonesia. Envisioned to be held as a concert in order to attract a larger crowd, the long-term view is for Stereonesia to be a flagship annual event for ISA of NSW.

The aim of this event is to evoke our sense of national pride, and to remind Indonesians of our notion of unity in diversity. Thus, Stereonesia takes part in promoting Indonesian culture through presenting R&B and Pop-Jazz arrangements of traditional and popular music by Indonesian artists. Even though this event tends to represent our strong national identity, this concert will not only welcome Indonesians, but non-Indonesians as well, who are interested to learn more about Indonesia and its culture.

Stereonesia is a unique event, because not only do we represent our culture in forms of art, but also our social nature of general concern for one another. As students, we perceive education as one of the most important aspects in building a greater, sustainable future. Thus, this concert also expresses our strong sense of solidarity that we, as all Indonesians, have. This leads us to make the concert have a ‘from students to students’ concept. ISA of NSW is inspired to contribute and give a hand to the development of education in Indonesia. One of our main purpose is to donate the proceeds from this concert to ‘Indonesia Mengajar’, a non-profit organisation that aims to provide a better, more accessible education to disadvantaged children in underdeveloped areas in Indonesia. By working together with ‘Indonesia Mengajar’, we hope to be able to contribute to the development of education standards in rural areas and facilitating the next generation of Indonesians to become great leaders in the future.

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