“Running from God: Here I Go Again”
Jonah 4: 1-11
Pastor Robbie Lankford

Has the Lord ever given you a second chance but then you blew it again? That’s something we all struggle with and that’s what we’re going to explore in Jonah 4 as we talk about “Here I Go Again!”

#1. Taking a step back – v. 1-3
Psalm 145: 8 (John 3: 16 of Old Testament)
if you are taking steps back, consider these thoughts…
a. don’t forget what happened before
b. focus on this decision, not the past ones (good or bad)
c. don’t treat grace lightly

#2. Having God speak to us (again) – v. 4-11
Matthew 6: 26
Proverbs 12: 10

#3. Deciding where you go from here – v. 12

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