"Time Stau", 2013
Directed by Zefrey Throwell and Dirk Skreber
36 minutes

Madrid International Film Festival
July 11th - July 19th, 2014

Premiered at the:
Cannes Film Festival - Court Métrage
May 15 - 26, 2013

"Time Stau" is a gritty, hyper-real movie detailing a young couple falling in love, experiencing the exciting beginnings of addiction, and seeking simultaneous time travel. Partially based on Throwell's personal history, "Time Stau", expands the narrative from the personal to the global by portraying the fast spreading epidemic of meth destroying lives throughout the world. Dirk Skreber’s and Zefrey Throwell’s first short film collaboration, takes us along for the ride, through a sumptuous tableaux of narratives of this young couple. Their lives deteriorate before our eyes, suspended in their own time slip, as they lose all sense of self, friends and family, surrendering to the irresistible lure of the drug and the incomprehensible mystery of the power of addiction.

Commissioned by the Leopold Hoesch Musuem in Dueren, Germany

Lena - Lena Kupke
Bernhard - Bernhard Schmidt-Hackenberg
Nadja - Celina Engelbrecht
Hannah - Lena Markwald
Matias - Tali Barde
Andreas - Andreas Schmid
Marco - David Quaas
Sascha - Dirk Skreber
Lola - Paulina Steinmeyer

Party People-
Rike Rosen
Eva Struckmeier
Philipp Lines Lange
David Quaas
Christian Hartz
Jessica Schaffrate
Katine Hoppe
Peter Tamizrad

Assitant Director - Philipp Lines Lange
Casting Director - Jasmin Reisdorf
Translation - Nadja Frank
Sound - Henning Vahlbruch
Sound Assistant - Sonja Zeller
Lighting - Jenny Wipprecht
Production - Dobrivoie Kerpenisan
Music - Joe Haege
Sound Design - Klas Wikberg
Editor - Zefrey Throwell

Renate Goldmann
Andreas Hoelscher
Annemarie Bühler
Sabine Schneider
Hotel Chelsea
Nicole Strnad
Olaf Skreber
Genevieve White
Petzel Gallery
Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert Gallery

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