Media Ethics & Law Project for MCM.

A person just experiencing the lifestyle that the UAE allows its locals and expats to inevitably indulge in and the kind of witness an onlooker would have regarding how inhabitants here celebrate elements/aspects that make this country what it is. Simply a brief showcase of the transition between what is locally sought out for, traditional & regionally accepted clothing & the harmony that resides here, all in a gist of less than 2 minutes. Just rough sketches that ethically illustrate these ideas.

UAE dirhams, shawarmas, falcons, abras, sports, roads/sidewalks, historical forts & infrastructures, sand dunes, sand storms, traditional Emarati clothing, local families, peaceful multicultural co-existence & social life, warm weather, arab style carpets and the national flag, are just some of the few elements that The United Arab Emirates is commonly associated with & known for.

Together with a friend, we created and idea for the transition of the animation while keeping in mind key elements that people commonly know the UAE for and other kinds of aspects that they are pleased with - on a general basis.

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