Awards and Accolades

Royal Television Society Award for Best Fiction.
Winner Best Narrative Film Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2013.
Official Selection Best Drama, Screentest: The National Student Film Festival 2014.

Long I Stood There is the descent into guilt and grief and the powerful hold they have. Forced to dwell on recent events, Julie reflects on traumatic events. But how much of what she remembers is real, and what is the cause of the pain. Is it something that has happened or something that nearly happened. The film is a dark drama which highlights the horror of one woman's reality.

The film was produced from concept to screen with a huge creative obstruction. One that meant it must have a narrative that has no dialogue, as well as a few more obstructions that I hope come across.

Shot using a Canon 5D mk II and edited using Final Cut Pro and graded in Apple Color. The film pays homage to Nic Roeg's 1973 film Don't Look Now.

The film starts Sharon Aur and Annabel Evans, and features Ceri Wyn Williams, Nick O'Hara Smith, Sonia Evans, and Jack Evans.

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