T H R E A T - Run time: 00:03:14
David Ellis, director/producer. A 2012 FamilyCat Production.
Original electronic music: David Ellis
Computer generated video using layered digital deconstruction. THREAT speaks for itself as a statement about the long history of profiling and targeting people of color in the United States and how they have long been cast as "threat". As an avid collector of anonymous "snapshot" photography, I have been collecting African American snapshots and portraits.
I came across some early and mid 20th century mug shots and couldn't help but feel the pre-civil rights era "targeting" and bias in them.
The video THREAT is constructed much like the law enforcement training targets that are "pop-ups" and re-appear with an "in-your-face" relentlessness that just won't go away. Unfortunately, today, more than ever, it seems that more and more, every time we turn around, there is some new perceived "threat"!
For the audio in this piece, I created the electronic sounds using GarageBand.

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