HOW LONG have you wanted to get the feeling you get
…when you see this…JUST for implementing marketing for YOUR OWN business???

Its one thing to make 20-50 calls a day,
like I did in my primary company & my Tony Robbins job,
and make a couple sales…
or a big commission sale (which neither of these had for me).

[DISCLAIMER: I value residuals & am not suggesting top tier is the way]

…but waking up to a $1000 commission because you have a REAL…

…scientifically calculated & proven, Direct Response Marketing Platform…

….solving problems for your target audience….
while simultaneously giving you INFLUENCE, makes all the difference…..

…IF, you can set your EGO aside as I had to do, & ALLOW it to happen for you.

Maybe you’re absolutely in love with your primary company like I am.
Maybe its a part of your DNA.
Let me ask you; have you ever considered that more people will buy
(retail & reps) when what you’re doing is ATTRACTIVE…
…& EFFECTIVE to live that “3-5 Year Lifestyle NOW?!”

Why wouldn’t you wrap your great business with that bow?

Quite frankly, I’d be doing people a DIS-service
if I didn’t let them know what’s truly possible.

What we’re really talking about is SCALABILITY, my friends.
If you’re not taught how to automate & outsource things,
even if you make 2 Million residual with 175,000 people in your group,
but have to do 3 way calls 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, & fly all over the country….
are you really living your FREEDOM dream??

Lets be REALLY honest for a second, can we?
I love assisting people and blessing the lives of others…
especially with total strangers…its so fun & fulfilling!

The word SEVA is sancrit for Selfless Service (to your higher power).
Until Empower Network, I considered introducing people to
purifying & replenishing their bodies, bank accounts, time freedom, & relationships to be my sole ‘SEVA.’

What I re-discovered is that:

We ALL got into this industry (whether we want to admit it or not), to make more doing less
To have more time to spend with whom we want, where we want
To have more income for more options (material or not)

My friends; what I’ve discovered building my biz w/ leveraged, proven marketing strategies – taught in Empower….

…is that you CAN do what you love, what you’ve always been told you’re good at, & what allowed you to tap into your CREATIVITY [where time disappears]

…to make an amazing income & change lives in 90 DAYS…
NOT in ’3-5 Years.’

Its 11:59AM as I write this; I did my meditation, incantations, exercised while listening to my morning call,
& opened up my computer to see this $1000 commission…

[go to the blog to see the article & pictures of these commissions:

$1000 Commissions 15K Per Month Formula

…from somebody I haven’t even enrolled in my primary business.

In addition to that, because of the marketing I learned here at Empower,
I woke up to these two retail commissions in my primary business….

from complete strangers – b/c I humbled myself & implemented proven marketing

Why wouldn’t I enjoy 100% commissions on products that
TAUGHT me how to do THAT – & that can teach my LIST
how to do it as well…
especially considering 90% will statistically never join.

I’ve spent thousands on training products over the last 4+ years; both in personal development & marketing.

There’s a good chance have too!
I learned more in the first 2 hrs of the first module,

of the Empower Network ’15K Per Month Formula,’

that I immediately got results from…

than the last 4 years of products I’ve purchased.

$1000 Commissions 15K Per Month Formula

To Co-Creating With You,

David Emil Lombard

‘Internet Liberator’

BTW- When you get your system HERE NOW, I’ll invite you into an exclusive international mastermind of marketers who teach secrets of working 90 mintues a day & are on their way to 8 figure incomes ; ) Also, if you don’t get your reps paid in the 1st 90 days + 100% commissions, they’ll look for someone who can – so be that leader NOW!

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