Banks are required to develop and implement a comprehensive written information security program which defines administrative, technical, and physical safeguards that are appropriate given the size and complexity of a bank’s operations and the nature and scope of its activities. Some of the concepts of building an Information Security Program (ISP) for your bank are not much different from building a house. The steps are to organize, plan, implement, operate and maintain, and monitor and evaluate. This webinar will take you through the steps in building an Information Security Program that is right for your bank and meets the regulator requirements. The Webinar will include both manual and automated ways of producing the policies your bank needs to satisfy the regulators. Discussed will be the various information security standards you can use to help create your information security program blueprint. After completing the webinar, you will be armed with a blueprint for an information security program that you can take back to your back to protect sensitive customer and financial information.

• Information security program standards (ISO, COBIT, etc.)
• Building an information security program (ISP)
• Organize an ISP
• Plan an ISP
• Implement the ISP
• Operate and maintain the ISP
• Monitor and evaluate the ISP
• Regulator importance in an ISP
• Traditional vs. emerging trends in ISP development

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