In March, 2013, in association with, a Crowd Funding Platform specifically designed for Healthcare ventures, the Crohn’s Disease Warrior Patrol (“CDWP”) initiated a T-shirt Fundraising Campaign as Phase 1 of a multiphase plan to become a duly recognized Non-Profit Charitable Foundation which provides support to newly diagnosed Inflammatory Bowel Disease (“IBD”) patients and/or to IBD patients who simply need a little “TLC” to help them cope with, and manage, these often debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.

The CDWP was founded by me, Michael A. Weiss, a Crohn’s Disease patient and advocate for almost 30 years. It is premised on the simple concept that “Patients helping other Patients is the best medicine.” While medical professionals and hospitals do all they possibly could for patients with these types of chronic and challenging diseases, due to the influence of Health Insurers and the bureaucratic nature of our present Healthcare system it is impossible for them to provide the “TLC” these patients often need to cope with the diagnostic and treatment difficulties associated with Crohn’s Disease, Colitis and IBD. That’s where veteran or “Warrior” patients come in as they know better than anyone the multi-front battles an IBD patient must fight.

Whether the “Patient-In-Need” is affected physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, professionally or socially, veteran IBD patients are so willing to help that once I blogged about this idea at, I was deluged with pleas from Crohn’s and Colitis patients begging me to volunteer to help and almost every patient also commented they wished this type of “Service” existed when they were first being diagnosed and forced to come to grips with what many knowledgeable medical professionals and experienced patients refer to as the “Invisible Illness.”

In short, the CDWP plans to utilize its website,, and various Health Care Social Media platforms, to match veteran Warrior patients with Crohn’s, Colitis and IBD “Patients-in-Need.” This will involve patients signing up with the CDWP via the website and eventually we envision partnering with medical professionals and hospitals to help them give HOPE to their patients.

We are presently in the midst of applying to be formally designated as a 501 (c ) 3 Charitable Foundation but that could take several months to attain after all IRS legal paperwork requirements are met. Once that occurs, we plan on working with to continually raise money to fund a Global CDWP and to expand our mission to include funding new Research endeavors and to help raise the overall global and mainstream awareness about Crohn’s Disease, Colitis and IBD. But in the interim, we will be selling T-Shirts and other “comforting” items with the CDWP logo prominently featured to always keep these diseases in the public’s eye. The proceeds of these “Sales” will be used to defray, amongst other costs, our legal, management, web design and promotional expenses.

Thank you for your time learning about the CDWP. The formal T-Shirt Campaign will be LIVE on by March 1, 2013 and will feature it on various Health Care Social Media Platforms. If you can’t wait until then or have any questions, you can always email me at 

Michael A. Weiss, Esq., MBA
Executive Director
Crohn’s Disease Warrior Patrol

Copyright © 2013 Michael A. Weiss
All Rights Reserved

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