Data-driven targeting has transformed the online shopping and content consumption experience...Personalization encourages loyalty, brand equity and user engagement on your site.
The big players have figured this out and have used advanced recommendation systems to drive sales.

Introducing the solution
With BasePredict, use the same systems the big players use.
Simple, easy integration with Conmendatio allows you to deliver targeted, personalized recommendations to your users WITHOUT having to spend months or years building the advanced algorithms.
data you are already collecting about users and their behavior on your site to increase sales and user engagement

How does it work

So how does BasePredict work? Once you have integrated with our web service, defined user actions are stored in our advanced recommendation engines.
Our analyzers periodically analyze all recorded data for identifying patterns to generate recommendations.

We use predicate fuzzy logic, honed by our expert in-house data crunchers, to recommend products and content to your users, delivered through your website, in an app or through email marketing.

Our recommendations can be accessed through calls to the our webservice API and presented to users.

How to integrate and who can use this
BasePredict was built by developers, for developers. Simply insert a few lines of javascript code into your website, and your integration is complete.
24/7 support and highly redundant system infrastructure means you never have to worry about the service being down.

BasePredict works with your website even if you are handling only a few dozen users per day.

What is the result:

The outcome is that for eCommerce websites, your shoppers are seeing more targeted product recommendations across your entire platform: website, applications and email marketing.

Voiceover: For content websites, your users are seeing content that is more relevant and personalized to their reading tastes.

Voiceover: We built BasePredict because we think everyone deserves to treat their users well. Use the techniques of the big guys to drive sales and user engagement on your website. With recommendations from BasePredict, it’s Your systems, only smarter.

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