This project led us on an incredibly meaningful and thought provoking journey. Late last year, Jane Sherman of Early Memory Loss Collaborative approached us to create a short film featuring a couple dealing with cognitive difficulties. So began the tale of James and Cannan Hyde, a lovely couple with a remarkable story. Though our original intent was to make a very short piece, it needed to be told in a longer format. Our goal was creating awareness of the complexities of dementia and the nuanced, creative ways in which these brilliant yet ordinary people are coping with the disease. We also wanted to explore the role of the care-partner by examining the dynamic between the couple along with the challenges faced by both parties.

We first met James and Cannan at their home on a gorgeous October day. They were the sweetest most hospitable people I’ve ever had the distinct pleasure of meeting. It was simultaneously heartbreaking and hopeful to hear them share their experience thus far with James’ condition: Mild Cognitive Impairment. Recently James received the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. It seems that every day brings a new challenge, coupled with a new chance for intimacy and enlightenment.

Our ultimate goal is to reveal the humanity of each person while sharing the pain and the joy of their struggle. I am confidant that this film speaks for itself.

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Producer/Director: Danielle McClennan
Camera: Judson Matthews
Editor: Andrea Desky
Produced by: Link’d Media

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