VCA 2nd year 16mm film.

John's life is bleak and beige. He decides his only way out is through his bathtub, where finds himself in another world. A girl leads him from one realm to another, which John cannot escape from. But who is this girl, and where is she leading him to?

John is a short film that deals with themes of guilt, frustration, loneliness and loss. A research project that has spanned 2010, it gradually developed into a character study consisting of many layers of woven narrative.
The film, shot on 16mm, explores John’s world. His bleak and beige existence, post-loss, he veers towards death. He chooses his bathtub, and transfers himself to another realm. This realm holds for John a plethora of memories, both good and bad. Here he is content. A visitor, a girl. She leads him from realm to realm. A web of confusingly beautiful worlds, that John cannot escape until the very, very end.

Through this project I wanted to explore what loss and guilt can do to a person, and their everyday struggle to cope. Drawing on my own previous experiences, as well as my research, I created the character of John. He is driven to the edge, becoming nothing more than a creature of habit, a man just making it through life. Through his own decisions, he creates for himself a new path. The audience must question John’s sanity, as he drives himself to the edge in order to feel alive again.

My research consisted of two paths that I discovered interwove frequently. Firstly; serial killers with a focus on John Christie, and secondly; mental illness, specifically depression and schizophrenia. I became fascinated with Christie, and many other serial killers that appeared quite sane to the public, but in private were far more complicated creatures. I discovered many serial killers lived with schizophrenia and depression, which often contributed towards their behavior and crimes, and only became public once they were convicted. I also became interested in mental illnesses, and how people living with them dealt with both everyday life, and more dramatic events.

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