On the 3rd of August 2009, Red Sea Research staff and volunteers took out more than 80 car and tractor tyres from a well known dive site in Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt. Researches have shown that tyres are not an environmentally friendly way to build artificial reefs. They actually do more damage the longer they remain under water. Red sea research collected cleaned the tyres and relocated all corals attached to them. Thanks to all the following volunteers, organisations and companies that helped Red Sea Research on this project:
South Sinai Marine Protectorates for providing the permits, support, and the truck to dispose the tyres.
Fantasea dive centre and Fantaseatec for the use of their tanks and facilities for the weeks of preparation involved in this project .
Sinai Divers for providing the boat and crew on the big day.
Club Red, Orca dive club, Dahab Divers lodge, and Blue Realm for donating tanks.
Clive, Peter and Uwe for the videos; Rich, Julian and Juergen from dive-hive.com for taking pictures.
The strong men on the boat crew: James (Shaggy), Justin, Niel, Baz, Paul and James, Chris and Johan, on the boat to pull the tyres up the 25m to the surface (you did an awesome job guys!)
The divers: Sarah, Jonty, Doug, Baz, Niel, James (Shaggy), Chris, Johan
The two mermaids ;) with the flags to communicate between the divers and the boat: Dr Nicky (Marine biologist) and Carmen
The medical officer Leeann.
A very special thanks goes to Paul and his son James, that were in Dahab just for holidays but donated one of their days to make the Red Sea a little bit nicer.
Not forgetting those that were a great help in the preparation of the project but could not be there on the day; Julian, Sarah and Nicolas.
Thanks to all involved for making a difficult job run smoothly.

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