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So I did a little bit of googling and Tony Robbins' RPM planning method stands for Rapid Planning Method -- what I love about it is that it's super-simple and practical.

But that's not why we're here.

Multi-Billonaire, Paul J. Meyer, hired leadership coach, David Byrd to manage the leadership aspect of his many companies...

...and my mentor hired David Byrd to train our team on Achievement and Effective Leadership.

Especially as an entrepreneur, just as much as someone who'd like to become more powerfully productive in their life... it's important that we become effective with the time in our days...

...and make sure what we do serves us towards our goals in our lives.

OK, so I got the quote wrong in the video.. but I love what Jim Rohn said:

The question was: When's the best time to start your day?

Answer: As soon as you have it finished. It is like building a house, building a life. What if you had just started laying bricks and somebody asked, "What are you building?" And you said, "I have no idea." See, they would come and take you away to a safe place. So, don't start the house until you finish it. Now, is it possible to finish the house before you start it? Yes, but it would be foolish to start before you had it finished

Is that strong or is that strong??

As we begin now to plan our days... finish our days before it begins... we can begin to distract ourselves from the distractions...

...and run our lives rather than let our lives run us.



See, distractions will ALWAYS be there.

You see, being busy doesn't mean you're getting anywhere. It's being effective and productive with our time that moves us forward in our lives.

Here's where you can get the planner I was talking about:

Make sure you let me know if you do get it, so I know that you're awesome!

Freeing Your Mind...
When you write "to-do's" down, this frees up your mind from energy and thought-space you NEED to use for being productive, and to be creative.

The First Part.. having a system where you can write down what you have to do on the days of the month. What I've got is an app on my Android phone called Business Calendar. It's awesome. If you have an iPhone, I'm sure there are many calendars out there you can get.

Or, if you get the Achievement Planner, it's all incorporated with that system.

Today's To Do List
Write down the top 3 things that has to be done today. And here's what's important -- the three things must be in alignment with your "Definite Chief Aim" -- which I explain towards the end of the video.

Tomorrow's To Do List
This one is obvious.

But what's hilarious is that I pronounced 'asterisk' wrong in the video. Comment below if you caught that :)

Definite Chief Aim
If there was one thing that was super-powerful -- it is that you must have a Definite Chief Aim. This is a simple paragraph that defines your goal that is absolutely solid, absolutely definite inside your mind -- that no matter what, you're going to accomplish!

- RJ Bulaong

PS, say "Today To Do List" 10 times fast...
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