"How I Missed It All So Much"
Music and Words by Cormac Bluestone

Renée Brna (the Singer) - reneebrna.com
Dan Jones (The Bird)

Filmed, Edited, Animated, Composited and Mixed by Cormac Bluestone

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Kansas, the moon keeps rising
The air is as sweet as peaches
Cool breezes in heat, I've never seen any sleet
How I missed it all so much

A fresh plumb has the softest lips
Crops a-blowin', nothing's amiss
Full skies up above, it fills you with love
How I missed it all so much

You hear a song bird, it calls to its mate
That's when I know, I'm finally home
And everything is back to okay

And now that moon is high above
It's gliding soon to meet the west
As I drift off into sleep, my final last peep
Is how I missed it all so much
And how good it is to finally be home


Shot with a Panasonic GH2
Sound Captured with Zoom H4n
Keying in Motion 5
VFX and animation in After Effects CS6
Edited in Premiere CS6
Mixed in Logic 9

Copyright 2013, Cormac Bluestone
All Rights Reserved

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