Uranus in Aries -- Limited Edition!
Assembled on March 21st between 13:02-13:38

On March 12th Uranus enters the sign of Aries again, (after its entry in October and its retrograde back to Pisces) and this time it's for good! Uranus has a cycle of 84 years, and its entry to zero point degree Aries is a very important point, this degree marks the beginning of the tropical zodiac, it symbolizes a new beginning, a birth of a new cycle, an opening of new possibilitie.

Aries is said to be a cardinal sign, the first of the cardinal four (Aries, cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Those four signs and there beginning is called AXIS MUNDI or the axis of the world. All life and world events hinges on this cardinal cross, it is the main moving energy that initiates action and change.

Uranus represents liberation, individualization, change and rebellious spirit. It is a sign of breaking of the old, receiving insights, inventiveness, genius and higher mind. Uranus is the power of freedom from any limiting factor, physically or mentally. It is the power to be what we are in the most unique way, acting from within and not in conformity with how other people think we are supposed to act.

Uranus' entry into Aries denotes the energy of the rebel; it gives the power to break any pattern that limits the spirit's expression. It instills pride in being different and unique, and accelerates individualized energy expression.

This talisman will help open new vistas and awake the inner need for freedom and individuality. It can help take our power back through cutting old recurring vicious circles and stand firm against oppression and intervention.

The talisman design is composed from the geometry of three planetary cycles; the inner one is Jupiter and the most outer one is Uranus, with Saturn in the middle. It is a geometric seal of heavenly proportion.

This is a fitting image because, Jupiter is also in Aries and Saturn is in Libra opposing Aries. These three planets are interacting together in this planetary picture, with the emphasis on Uranus that encapsulates the others.

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