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Why We Exist

We created Declaration to document, showcase, and protect your creative output. With Declaration, we want to level the playing field for how work is evaluated, pull back the curtain on how it's created, and discover the reasons why some work is successful and other work is not. We think your work deserves to be preserved for posterity as part of the permanent creative record. And we say that sight unseen.

While there is only so much space in the Library of Congress or the Smithsonian, the amount of content the Internet can accommodate is virtually limitless. It is not our position to judge, only to provide a place for your work to live.

Our motto is "Let all be counted and let the cream rise."

Our Manifesto

When you create something, you deserve credit for your contribution and peace of mind that the work will endure. That's as true for painters, dancers, art directors, and industrial designers as it is the assistants, mangers, producers, and vendors who help bring a finished project to life. Declaration is about posterity. It's also about ensuring that those who haven't put in the work won't take credit away from those who have. The cream rises. The truth will out. And transparency will ultimately rule the day. As creators ourselves, we're excited to be playing a part in that.

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