This video has a habit of popping up and then disappearing from other sources like Youtube, etc., so I've decided to archive here for posterity.

This is the video that launched the concept of "3D slope aerobatics", or what Benoit Paysant-Le Roux, creator of the design and concept, referred to as "Madflight".

The Madslide first flew in 1999 and was published as a plan in the August/September 2000 issue of Looping Magazine in France. The Madslide was unique in that it used a sort of F3A-inspired shape - different from the fish-like fuselages of most slope aerobats. But its core innovation was a horizontal stabilizer capable of 180* rotation (90* each way)... allowing the plane to perform tight loop-like figures in the pitch axis. Benoit referred to these as "flips".

More than a decade later, the Madslide and Benoit's superlative flying continue to inspire! This plane and the Madflight flying style it enabled are central, along with VTPR, to the Ultrabatics flying style / concept that myself and other pilots are developing today.

Benoit was very kind to provide tips on how to setup and fly Madflight, you can read them here:

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