These were one big video I split into a set of three, made the same day. To watch them in order, watch this one first.

Feeding Sassy and "Baby" one cold January morning.

For those of you who do not know Sassy, she is our "Pet" white-tail deer. We raised her from a baby in 2004. She is free now, we do not keep her in a pen, she runs free with the herd...but she still comes around to see us often.

The other deer eating out of my hand is named "Baby", however she is not Sassy's baby. She was raised in 2007 by a neighbor who lives nearby. She took up with Sassy as soon as she was old enough to join the herd, and nowdays they are usually together.

I'll also be posting two more made the same morning of Sassy eating corn and one of her babies from this year joined us.

You can read the entire Sassy story and view a lot of photos of Sassy at:

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