Date of Creation: 2004

Synopsis: 5 reasonably attractive roommates plot to remove a well-dressed squatter from their domicile and drink very filthy water.

A Brief History: Created for the 48 hour film project in 2004, this was one of the first things I acted as executive producer on, which means I put up the money and smoked cigars. I don't think I really did much else except walk in and cancel a complicated dolly/jib simply because I could.

Directed by the illustrious Bill Parmentier and lensed by the inexalted Dave Jacobsen, this film gave theatrical powerhouse Kevin Stroup his first foray into the big leagues as W.M. Murray, former historian to the White House and avid lover of scotch. Veteran thespian and "Justified" regular Nathan Sutton weaves the three worlds of this complicated, plot-driven storyline with expert precision in both performance and eyebrow grooming.

The title was birthed from the mind of brother Sean; after a lengthy argument about what to call the piece, his spontaneous and transparent theft of a lesser known Hitchcock work soothed even the most reactive mind in the room.

Critical Analysis: The conspiratorial presidential diatribe delivered by Stroup in the bar is a work of brilliant writing, but the true glory lies in the alternate dialogue tracks available ONLY on the DVD ($192.99

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