Bigture - created from "Big" and "Picture/Future" - means to see a bigger world through pictures.

Children draw to have fun, to communicate, and to be acknowledged. Though all their creations are brilliant, only few will survive to be shown in a world over-flooded with text. Bigture strives to be the bridge to encourage and save more of these treasures.
Drawing is a fundamental way of exercising creativity and imagination, and it’s also the fundamental way of having fun for children. However these exercises have been forced into a strict education and children have been addicted to instant activities that cause social problems for our kids. Bigture targets users such as these and provides a familiar yet attractive user interface and tools to revive the fun of drawing.

Art will evolve with the children as children are reflected in their art. Through art, they are exposed to different cultures and ideas, making them more compassionate and understanding. Bigture tries to encourage these actions to promote the best environment for children.

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